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Ninth Day – OpenLab Performance 2019

mag 30, 2019 / by Riccardo Fusero / In OpenLab2019 / Leave a comment

DAY 9 | 29 May 2019

 The ninth day of laboratory we have been concerned with the final part of shooting. In the morning, the first group set the panels and positioned them on stage to map the pictures. Lights and projections have been regulate, then the shooting started. Some changes have been done to the performance to improve the graphic attitude, in order to realize the final shot. Some insiders were concerned in video shooting and photo shooting.

In the afternoon, group 4 started the last phase by setting the sheets on the floor and by preparing the red paint into a little pot. They prepared the projections and the shooting began. In the meanwhile, group 1 started with its own video editing, while others went on with the ID photos that had to be uploaded. Working with the paint (so, just one take), group 4 rehearsed some times with written paper sheets, then finished with the final shot with the real paint.

At the end of the day, the actors of the last group have been helped with the water to clean themsleves, while group 1 finished its editing phase.


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