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First Day OpenLabPerformance

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We started the workshop (within the Dramaturgy of the Performance course). After the initial explanation of the available equipment (such as 4 projectors, a Go Pro, 8 lights, a light board etc.) we started to set different groups.

This diary is held by the group that documents the entire project with photos, videos and short notes

In short, other groups will be set for audio-video, performance, concept and design, graphic design, scenography and technique.

The whole team immediately decided a general theme for the entire lab: walks and hugs. The total action should not exceed ten minutes at most.

A part of the team began to devise scenarios and proposed to divide the performance into three scenes:

  1. disorientation;
  2. loneliness / panic;
  3. final solution.

The rest of the group, along with the teacher, tried different types of shooting with the two performers and use the light plant to see what effects could be effective.

Here’s a short video of what we did.

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