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Second Day OpenLabPerformance

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Monday, May 15, 2017

In the second day in the Workshop a group of students curated the stage setting and the installation of  equipment in the room where it will take place show. They mounted the curtains to darken the room, and tested filming and projections on the screens; finally they have set the lights and the isolation. The concept-design group has instead reworked the proposals on the staging of the show, totally changing the ideas of the first meeting. Indeed they have taken into  account the implementation problems, and the technical aspects, and the available equipment. The scheme provided by Professor Pizzo was very useful, and helped  to organize the structure of each scene. Below there is an example:

frontal screen 1 ground screen 2 ground screen 3 Lights Sound Musica
1.Composition Video setting Tetris (white background) 1.Black 1.Black cut on the performern 8bit, Tetris Game keyboards or synth

In the final meeting we have discussed the various proposals, and it was confirmed a scene to be realized in the next day. The scene is based on the interaction between the real and virtual actor which in our case represents the shadow of the actor on stage.
Throughout the day, the documentation had been in charge to take photographs, video and text documentation.

(Report edited by Erika Iannolo)

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