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Fifth Day OpenLab Performance

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Before today workshop the day there was a previous extra session on Friday, May 19. A group of students tried to create a scene where there was real time interaction between live performers and the screen. They decided to use the overhead projector, and its various filters to achieve color variations, intensity and light. They performed various tests with numerous objects in order to create the interaction: watercolors, tank brushes, glitter, water, a transparent glass plate, some decorative candle, cardboards.

Today, however, in the rehearsal room, Beatrice did some tests to film the first scene with Giovanni, fixing lights and frames. At the end of the day we had got the final version.
Riccardo F. worked on After Effects to compose the elements of video scenography made by Riccardo C. with Photoshop (Tetris style blocks, water, etc.); this will also be shown on the floor.
Then the professor exposed us a scheme in which we may divide the scenes of our project to have an internal coherence: a walk with the backdrop of some places of our city Turin, pantomime with the shadow and the interaction with the effects on the overhead projector.
The concept group continued to test on the overhead projector using various objects that will interact on the screen with the performer for the last scene.
Finally, the documentation group, in addition to making photos, video and text describing the project, took a picture for each of us, in order to obtain a collage of all the participants.

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