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Seventh Day – OpenLab Performance

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Today is the last day in the workshop, the coverage must be finalized and completed with the music.
Carlo and Davide write the songs for the performance while the girls of the concept group , along with the performer, try the third piece of the performance in the rehearsal room.
During the final shooting some problems occurred to the overhead projector. So we decided to use a handy cam.
Once we had done the filming we rearranged the room to film the final video in which there are all the participants in the project.
The workshop ended with a refreshment offered by the professor, where we got to take pictures together and celebrate this beautiful collaboration.


6 computers (Acer 2, 3 Macs, 1 Arqivia);
1 tablet;
1 console lights (Showmaster 24 MK II – Showtec);
8 spots (Club Par 12/6 RGBWAUV – Showtec);
1 overhead projector (JVC – Visual presentation AV-P700);
4 cameras (3 Nikon, Canon 1);
1 Go Pro (Canon – Legria Mini);
1 Hi-Fi system (NAD – C542 CD player, stereo preamplifier C162, C272 stereo amplifier);
5 projectors (2 Hitachi CPX400 and CPX260, 1 Epson EB-825, 1 Philips Hopper X620, 1 Acer P1283);
2 camera tripods;
1 video splitter (VGA Manhattan 4-port);
2 loudspeakers (Bose);
office supplies: glitter, tempera, card + straws, stones, soap.

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