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First Day OpenLabPerformance 2018

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                                                                                              14 May 2018

The first day of work started by selecting students that will deal with the creation of an archive of the workshop through pictures, videos and a daily journal that records the work carried out.
The main concept of the performances is “the conflict” and with this keyword we had a brainstorm: we aimed to get enough ideas to work on, so that we eventually could choose the good ones. After having found about nine different developments of the concept, we organized five groups whose purpose was to imagine one or more dramatic actions (and possibly how to express it) connected to the group’s theme. Later, the whole class played a basic theatrical exercise: a walking group together in time. To follow, each group presented its ideas on its theme so that the professor could choose the best options. Four actions that will certainly take place are selected:

  • Conflict between two entities → interaction with video setting+ video editing
  • Conflict between “being” and appearances → a manipulated Barbie+ video setting and video editing
  • Conflict with nature → interaction with video setting+ real time interaction through the software Isadora
  • Conflict in the competition → interaction with video setting (Space Invaders videogame)


The fifth action isn’t certain yet, but it’s a sort of end of the conflict and it’s presented through a choreography by the performers who interact with the video setting and make up shapes on the screen. The day ended with the formation of five groups of authors who will deal with a theme each, while from a technical point of view the work is done together.


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