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Sixth day OpenLabPerformance

mag 30, 2018 / by OSadmin / In Senza categoria / Leave a comment

                                                                                                  23 May 2018

The second week of the workshop ends with the shooting of the performance of Space Invaders. The original project has changed due to technical reasons, and the setting, instead of being spatial, is now the Earth’s field; the name of the project therefore became “S-Pace Invaders”. The graphic created shows a land with buildings and a tank that shoots in motion. The land and the tank are projected  onto the screen and the carpet forming respectively a playing field. The performers are filmed as they move around trying to dodge the shots fired from the tank, simulating the movements typical of video game characters, and following a preset rythm . In this regard, costumes and faces of the players were previously created with colored cardboard and “pixellated” pictures. Every time a character is hit, it moves from the carpet and leaves the set until no one is left anymore and the graphics of the videogame become the projection of a floral field. Then, the performers return to the stage and hold their hands, first lying down and then sitting down. Entries, exits and changes of position will come to life thanks to the editing which is almost completed. The shooting of the various sequences lasted about a couple of hours counting the tests. The video interview took place after the work was almost over.



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