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First Day – OpenLab Performance 2019

mag 17, 2019 / by Davide Chessa / In OpenLab2019 / Leave a comment

DAY 1 | 14 May 2019

Macro theme of the laboratory: Hamlet, by William Shakespeare.

The laboratory began Tuesday, May 14th and the first week the group focused on organizational aspects.

The first day began with a series of theatrical exercises. The first one consisted of a walk on time to trigger the sense of rhythm and listening to the group, the second one aimed at looking for actions that would replace the words related to the “nunnery scene”.

After a few hours dedicated to the practice of these exercises, each participant reflected on a scene freely chosen from the Hamlet and then shared their ideas about a possible project draft with the whole group.

The day ended with the task, assigned by the professor, to create four creative groups (four people per group) to be presented the next day.



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