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Second Day – OpenLab Performance 2019

mag 18, 2019 / by Davide Chessa / In OpenLab2019 / Leave a comment

DAY 2 | 16 May 2019

The second day of the workshop started again with the walking exercises following the rhythm of the music.

Later, the four creative groups were defined with the approval of the professor. Each group consists of four members. Each group started working on a scene of the Hamlet chosen by mutual agreement. The professor gave an hour and a half of time to write a draft project indicating the following points:

  1. Choose a scene
  2. Find a main theme
  3. Analyze the actions of agents
  4. Imagine the representation of that scene in a digital performance
  5. Explain how to use technical tools for the representation (video projections, live shooting, green screen etc…)

Afterwards, each group presented its proposal followed by the supervision and correction by the professor and the technical manager of the StudiumLab. Based on the suggestions of the two supervisors, the students continued to work on their project proposal until the end of the workshop.


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