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Fourth Day – OpenLab Perfomance 2019

mag 21, 2019 / by Valentina Sandri / In OpenLab2019 / Leave a comment

DAY 4 | 20 May 2019

The fourth day of the workshop opened with the snapshot of the group photos to be inserted in the web documentation page. During the morning some students continued (individually) to demonstrate their basic knowledge of the software Isadora, always supervised by Maurizio Consolandi. In the meantime, all four working groups, one at a time, presented to Professor Pizzo their production plan to determine further changes. Subsequently, several performers were selected and each performer was given a role (the performer must always interpret the same character within each group’s performance).

In addition, the projector equipment has been set up and at the same time green screen, lights and camera have been positioned in order to make some filming already in the morning (the portraits “Rosencrantz” and “Guildestern” from Group 3). In the afternoon, after a break, there was a brief meeting during which each group told Professor Pizzo what was done in the morning.

While each student continued his work (someone was involved in graphics, sound editing, documentation material, sound composition, scenographic elements, etc.).

At the same time, further footage was taken on green screen (“Claudio’s coronation” from Group 2 and a zoom on Claudio from Group 1).


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