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Fifth Day – OpenLab Performance 2019

mag 21, 2019 / by Davide Chessa / In OpenLab2019 / Leave a comment

DAY 5 | 21 May 2019

The fifth day of the workshop started with some techincal works. Firstly, the linoleum carpet was spread out and it’s used for the projections on the floor. Some of us helped to link the camera with the computer in the backstage. The lights have been set up.

At the same time, others were busy with the first patches on Isadora, in order to try the first projections; others finished some props.

Before the break, the green screen shots of Ofelia and of the Ghost took place (for group 1 and 3).

After the break, the groups show their first patch, made with Isadora, in order to map it on the floor, with the assistance of the professors. In the meantime, some people teached to Amleto some gestures and movements for their scenes and others went on with their work on the patches and on music.


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