Officine Sintetiche 2007


Photogallery: OS Lab / OS Production

Membrana Torino

A workshop directed by Marcel.lì Roca Antúnez and his Catalan team with selected 22 students by the University and the Polytechnic of Turin.
Venues: Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park and Ex OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni) of Turin from 2nd till 13th of July 2007. The workshop result is Hipermembrana in Turin.

credits lab

Interactive Performance directed by Marcel.lì Antúnez Roca

with his spanish team and Officine Sintetiche team and selected students

Hipermembrana is a mechatronic performance with performers, a scream machine, a dreskeletonand many different sensors. The performance takes place in a scenic space equipped with lighting and audio systems; there is a large screen at the back and on either side at the front a small screen and thescream machine.

The scream machine is a musical instrument consisting of a projector that shows the faces of three characters on a 1:1 scale who produce onomatopoeias. The dreskeleton is an exoskeletal body interface worn by Marcel·lí.

Using sensors and the dreskeleton, the performers can control the sound, the images that appear on the screens and the scream machine, and in this way the narrative structure is woven.

Hipermembrana sets out to explore the nature of myths, and to this end it combines different elements such as the landscape of Dante’s hell, the myth of the Minotaur and the shape of the eucariotic cell. These elements are interconnected using a narrative technique that consists of layering graphic and literary story-lines thus enabling unexpected twists and turns and a wealth of creative expression. The choice of the Minotaur as the central figure of the performance allows for interesting metaphors, such as for example the conflict between rationality and animal nature in humans.

Première: Malafestival – Ars in mala causa 2007 – Cavallerizza Reale – Teatro Stabile di Torino.
Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca hipermembrana website