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Officine Sintetiche 2015 | Officine Sintetiche

Officine Sintetiche 2015



Mark Coniglio paper
Simone Pappalardo paper

In 2015 Officine Sintetiche presentated a very prestigious series of conferences, workshops, seminars and public results of the workshops achieved thanks to the Fondazione CRT support and promoted by the Department of Humanities, Dams and CIRMA (University of Turin), in collaboration with Cinema Engineering and Media (Polytechnic of Turin) and the Conservatory (Music School) of Turin. Materials for Simone Pappalardo workshop: Finder. Logistic support: Superbudda.

Mark Coniglio

Isadora (software) and the Interactive Media Art.

Conference and Workshop

Mark Coniglio lives between Berlin and the United States, he’s the creator of Isadora, the award winning, interactive media presentation tool. Whether you are an artist, designer, performer, or VJ, you can quickly and easily harness the limitless potential of digital media and real-time interactivity with Isadora.

Mark Coniglio, composer and media-artist developed initially Isadora to realize the performances of Troika Ranch, the pioneering media intensive dance company he co-founded. Isadora reflects over 20 years of practical experience with real-time live performance and media interactivity. But the use of Isadora crosses different sectors and disciplines.


Mark Coniglio tells his artistic path and the the birth of Isadora through an audio-visual showcase. He will show practically the potential of Isadora.


The workshop focuses on Isadora Software and on the creation of media intensive live performances. The workshop introduces the participants to the basic use of Isadora software as an interactive performance and design tool. Participants will deal with the “liveness” dimension, including how movements and voice interact in real time with audio-visual contents, through digital media. No previous programming experience is required.

Simone Pappalardo

Fields. An orchestra of DIY electromagnetic instruments.

Simone Pappalardo  graduated in Electronic music at Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome. Since many years, he has created electronic compositions and interactive sound installations. He currently teaches Electroacoustic music composition at Conservatorio di L’Aquila and Computer music at Conservatorio di Latina.

His works have been performed and staged in many international festivals.


The workshop focuses on the use of electromagnetism to create sounds, musical instruments and interactive controllers.

During the workshop some instruments based on cheap electronics will be designed and manufactured, mostly based on electromagnetism and electromagnetic feedback, by recycling and scavenging electromagnetic components and parts from everyday objects, no longer functional household appliances, radios etc. Electromagnetic feedback can create complex and unconventional forms of sound synthesis, which can be integrated into interactive systems and/or used in the composition process. The workshop will therefore have as its natural conclusion a collective performance entitled “Fields”. In the performance, a small orchestra based on DIY electronic instruments will be coordinated by means of a “conduction”, i.e. an improvisation driven by a set of signs that to be introduced in the previous days. The workshop is thus split into two parts:

The performance Fields

Fields is a small orchestra that starts from “wasted” sounds, interference of various kinds and electronic objects, that are recycled and reinvented. The sounds of these residual objects flow all from the unseen world of electromagnetic fields. A group of musicians, builders of their instrument, is coordinated live by means of a gestural technique for improvisation, a conduction. Gestures for this conduction are designed specifically in relation to the instruments used in the performance.”

During each phase of the workshop theory and practice are strongly connected, in a climate of mutual learning.

The concluding performance “Fields” will be at Superbudda, with free admission.