Officine Sintetiche 2009



photogallery: OS Lab / Crossroads


A workshop directed by  Ali Zaidi/motiroti (UK, India, Pakistan) and Antonella Usai/compagnia NAD with 20 selected students by the University of Turin and the Polytechnic of Turin.
The workshop was held at the Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park, at the University and at the Polytechnic of Turin in 2009. The workshop ended with the production Crossroads.


Crossroads is an Officine Sintetiche production in co-production with motiroti and Compagnia N.A.D.

Crossroads is a performance using body, ritual and new media to trade cultural stories. The stories migrate and morph between medieval India’s devadasis, to women trafficked into the borders of Europe to the borderless sex workers of the world wide web.
Crossroads is directed by two artists of excellence: Ali Zaidi founder of motiroti (UK) and Antonella Usai founder of the Compagnia NAD (IT).
Both have worked with students from Politecnico di Torino (Ingegneria del Cinema dei Mezzi di Comunicazione) and from Università degli Studi di Torino (Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione) selected by Officine Synthetic in a work that uses the digital real time interaction.

Première: Cavallerizza Reale gestita – Teatro Stabile di Torino – December 2009.

Crossroads credits and description