Officine Sintetiche 2010 Lab



With some of the most authoritative figures in new and interactive media art, digital performance, electronic art, theatrical experimentation and the relationship between man and machines.

Some of the names: Steve Dixon, Joshua Paramenter, Marce.lì Antunez Roca, Emma Zanella and many others.


It is a short claustrophobic trip inside us (internal, entrails, inwardness). It is an interactive installation that confront the two different way of experiencing the world: as mass and as individual; and plays with the notion of memory (past and future).
The installation uses the body of the single audience as a source and as sediment of information, in a sort of grand guignol about the body physiology and its traces (a medical anatomy imagery). This conveys a wider consideration about how we “extract” and “preserve” our social identity.

The installation follows three stages. (1) Public space in which we set a CCTV camera. (2) A wooden booth in which a single audience is confronted by a voice who will talk to him and where he experience different interactive media (audio and video). (3) The public can watch the “diagnosis” on a large public screen that will “preserve some “dissections” of them as a sort of digital canopus.

The installation makes use of: microcontroller Arduino, sensors, wireless communication, real time generated audio, real time generated video, text to speech. It makes large use of VVVV and Supercollider, plus other software for video and audio editing.

Booth Canopus